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It’s tough at the top for Don Draper and Darth Vader

February 8th, 2012 · No Comments

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Madison Avenue lothario Don Draper and super villain Darth Vader may initially seem to have little in common, but look a little closer and the similarities between both men are startling.

Lack of a Father figure
Draper’s back story is murky and his Father is a distant and mercurial figure.

Anakin lacks a traditional male role model, and despite Qui-Gon Jinn’s best efforts does go a bit off the rails to put it mildly.

Struggling to adapt to the modern world
The growth of Feminism and the beat generation are both sources of tension for the male chauvinistic Draper.

Vader is an advocate of top down management and doesn’t seem to realise that destroying Alderaan isn’t going to win you any friends in the long term.

Masters of reinvention
Draper stole the identity of a deceased Korean war colleague to become a slick and polished corporate executive.

Vader took a more radical route and had himself completely rebuilt after a bit of a skirmish with Obi-Wan Kenobi. Extreme makeover Sith style.

Winning friends and influencing people
All Draper needs to win a new pitch is a belt of Scotch and a few notes.

If things aren’t going his way Vader deploys the force grip. Certainly gets his point across in interminable meetings.

Both have a secret weapon
For Draper it’s his Kodak Carousel projector.

Vader prefers the Death Star.

Both are near the top of their organisation but are stymied by an intransigent boss
Roger Sterling blocks Draper’s progress at every turn.

Emperor Palpatine makes it fairly clear he’s calling the shots to Vader. I mean ‘what is they bidding my master?’ Really? That’s a tribunal waiting to happen…

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