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September 7th, 2010 · 1 Comment

Glass of Scotch

Really pleased to see that the BBC are putting on season four of Mad Men starting tomorrow evening. Wasn’t sure it was even going to be on this year, and glad they’ve made the decision to buy more episodes of one of the best shows on TV.* It never gets ratings, but just about everyone who watches it falls under its spell.

Last season ended with the collapse of Don Draper’s marriage set against the end of the Camelot presidency with the assassination of JFK. This time around we enter the mid sixties, so expect plenty of ‘Nam references, and principle characters getting ready for the Summer of Love. As if most of them needed any encouragement.

The show strongly reminds me of the amoral characters that populate classic films The Sweet Smell of Success and The Bad and the Beautiful. Cinematography is always great, with scenes often recalling Edward Hopper paintings. Couple dialogue that wouldn’t shame a Billy Wilder picture with top notch acting and it’s a winning combination.

Looking forward to more episodes filled with ice cold glasses of Scotch, sharp suits and sharper one liners.

* Almost up there with The Wire. Yes THAT good.

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  • Talullah

    I for one will be dimming the lights, dusting off my 60′s dress and reaching for a gin & tonic.

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