A touch of creativity

If you’re a regular visitor to the App Store you may have noticed the excellent new Studio app.

The free app allows you to create high impact images very easily, and include text, masks, photos and vector overlays.

Studio Design

I’m particulary impressed with the clean and simple interface. You work with layers that can be resized and tinkered with.

Many of the features will be familiar to designers, and it’s possible to change the opacity, duplicate layers, adjust leading and kerning, and create image masks.

There’s a decent range of fonts including of course Helvetica, so beloved of hipsters everywhere.

Obviously the app is fairly basic, and it’s not going to turn you into a graphic designer overnight. It is ideal though for when you’re feeling creative away from the desktop; in a coffee shop for instance or on the train.

I’m certain it will upset a vocal minority of design elitists, and that has to be a good thing. In my view giving everyone tools of this quality can only help improve visual literacy.

Your finished images are then uploaded to the cloud, and another killer feature is the option to remix other users’ images. It plays well with all the main social media channels and outputs are Instagram friendly.

Studio is free, with the option to buy new content including shapes and text blocks. In-app purchases are unobstrusive, and I certainly don’t begrudge the developers including them in this instance.

I’d definitely recommend downloading this right away.

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