Move fast and break things

There seems to be a growing conservatism lately in the perception of design and interface changes to social media platforms. Change seems to be seen as bad, and think this needs to be challenged.

Social media is constantly evolving, and there’s a joy in iteration. I personally like the fact Facebook choose to update their interface every few months. Even if it results in extra work for me in my role as channel manager. It helps keep things fresh, and moves the platforms forward.

Earlier this week I was bemoaning the inability to upload pre-shot video to Instagram. Then the same evening this feature was added in an app update. Result.

This week YouTube also made some minor layout changes that increased the video thumbnail sizes, but kept the design within the One Channel design. Again, I think this is a good move, but others may disagree.

Constant improvement
I’ve heard it said that websites are never finished, they’re abandoned and there’s a grain of truth in that. One of the most exciting thing for me about social media is the way it moves so rapidly.

We need to avoid getting trapped into not making radical leaps forward by worryingly about how changes will be perceived.

That’s why despite a lot of flak about the move towards flat design, I’m glad Apple are sticking to their guns about the iOS 7 revamp. People may react negatively at first, but it’s often just the shock of the new.

Life is about change. Let’s not fear it.

What do you think?

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