iOS development

As an iPhone and iPad enthusiast, I wanted to build an app to develop my skills in this area.

Having drawn up initial ideas I felt the app should be based on a simple idea, and ideally draw on my lifelong love of cinema. There seemed to be plenty of film guides, but none that offered recommendations based upon your mood.

When I asked my friends and colleagues this seemed to be a fairly typical problem, in that  with the huge amount of films out there how do you find one that fits your current frame of mind? Mood4Movies was born.

The free app is available for both iPhone and iPad, and has been downloaded over 1,800 times since launch.

Technical details

  • Built in HTML5 using PhoneGap and XCode, then packaged as a native binary.
  • The app is completely free and doesn’t require any in app purchases.
  • The movie recommendations are served from an XML list and script randomiser.


Future plans

  • Ultimately I’d like to port it to Android and Windows Phone when time allows.
  • Would like to offer foreign language versions, as one of my biggest markets outside of the UK and US is Belgium.
  • Expand the catalogue to include a greater number of films and emotions.
  • Migrate catalogue from XML to a proper database solution.
  • Develop an algorithm so the app is more intelligent.
  • Include social media sharing.
  • Explore how user generated content and reviews could enhance the app.