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Is 2014 the year of 4K?

Well it’s the start of a new year, and the big news at CES was 4K.

Saul Bass: father of flat design

The clean lines and uncluttered presentation of flat design are everywhere. From the austere functionality offered by Google’s Project Kennedy, through to the radical simplicity of Apple’s iOS 7 reboot. We are even beginning to see it in consumer electronic interfaces (PVRs and next gen gaming consoles), social media and advertising.

iBeacons to deliver ultra targeted content

As the official launch of iOS 7 draws tantalisingly close, the little talked-about iBeacons feaure shows a lot of promise.

PlayStation: the next generation

So it’s finally here after months of anticipation. The PlayStation 4 will launch in the UK on 29 November. The thing that excites me the most about the PS4 isn’t the insane level of power (GDDR5 – mmmm bandwidth), potentially

Move fast and break things

There seems to be a growing conservatism lately in the perception of design and interface changes to social media platforms. Change seems to be seen as bad, and think this needs to be challenged.